This page details some of the possible solutions to some of the most common problems.

If you are having any issue with your Tover projection unit it is worth trying some of these solutions in the first instance.

Problem / Potential Solution:

The Tover unit is not starting or no image is appearing:

  • Ensure that the plug is inserted into the power socket and that the power socket has power.
  • Check whether the power switch on the Tovertafel is set to on.
  • Check that the LED indicator is lit. If it is not lit, the system does not have power.
  • Check the batteries in the remote control – replace if necessary.
  • Check whether an audible beep is heard within a few seconds of starting up.
  • Check whether an audible beep is heard within a few seconds of starting up.

The Tover unit has no sound:

  • Increase the volume with the remote control.
  • Ensure the software on your unit is updated to the latest version. Information on how to install updates can be found in the Tover User Manual.

The projection falls away from the table partially:

The projection falls away from the table considerably:

  • Ensure that the Tovertafel is hanging in the same direction as during the installation, with the power switch directed towards the centre of the table. If necessary, rotate the Tovertafel.

The Tover unit fails to respond or does not respond properly to hand and arm movements during play:

  • Ensure that the motion sensor is not blocked.

The Tovertafel is not connected to the Internet:

  • Look at this information on how to connect your Tover unit to the internet. If you have trouble connecting to a given network then it is worth checking with your IT person / department to find out if this requires special permission.

The Tover unit turns itself off after some time:

  • Make a note of how long it takes before the device turns itself off and contact us: