This page provides details for installers on Tover Installation.

Link to Tover 2 Installation Manual

Link to Tover User Manual

Tover 2 Installation

Video instructions on installing a Tover 2 projection unit.


Adjusting the playing surface

Once installed you should ensure that the playing surface may not match the surface correctly.

The following video describes how to adjust the playing surface of the Tover unit.


Calibrating your  Tover Sensor

Once installed you should calibrate the Tover Sensor. 

The following video demonstrates how to this.

The calibration marker required will have been supplied with the unit but if you cannot find it you download a copy of the calibration marker from this page. This should be printed out at A4 size.


Connecting your Tover unit to the internet

The following video describes how to connect your Tover Unit to the internet.

If you have trouble connecting to a given network then it is worth checking with the IT person / department to find out if this requires special permission.