Large Screen Installations for Arenas / Halls / Stadiums


We can provide large screen installations for your Arena, Hall or Stadium!  Always on top when it comes to sophisticated new technology, we provide a new dimension in large screen installations.  Experts in our field, we would be delighted to explore large screen solutions to suit your needs. [...]

Commercial CCTV


More businesses than ever are using commercial CCTV to safeguard their premises. Not only does a good system deter break-ins and monitor staff and visitors but our sophisticated and reliable CCTV systems are now far more affordable. Acquire peace of mind Every year businesses in the UK lose millions of pounds as a result [...]

Domestic CCTV


Whether you need us to provide a new CCTV system in your home or upgrade an existing one, at Dizzyfish we take care of all CCTV domestic security, protecting your property from theft and vandalism.  Peace of mind is guaranteed with a sophisticated system to match your needs. We do it all As well [...]


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