When it comes to commercial pro audio installations, there is certainly no one-size-fits all solution, with each project presenting a unique set of requirements.

Integrators like ourselves are constantly challenged to find the right solution for each situation.

Being easy to set-up and use is usually a top priority for our clients, but more recently we have found commercial venues looking to maximise the use of their space and so we are seeing more and more requests for flexible audio solutions. Often the wish list includes an audio system that can be moved into any position as and when required.

An inherent challenge with this is in finding a solution that does not require the usual wire and cable infrastructure but still offers a great sound quality.

SOWA Speakers: A Wireless Revolution

It was in looking for just such a solution that we were lucky enough to meet the awesome Andreas and Villads from SOWA audio and discover their exquisite SOWA wireless audio system.

So this amazing speaker system, not only looks the part, but ticks the box for us in terms of functionality in so many different ways.

First of all it is very easy to set up and use. The speakers run on battery (no power cables) and have no need for internet or app as you can simply plug and play via bluetooth or minijack.

Then there is the fact that with a touch of a button you can link speakers wirelessly. So you can run easily with one speaker on its own or link in as many other speakers as you want (there is no limit!).

So perfect for commercial set ups and even running between rooms in houses.

Two SOWA Wireless speakers stacked on top of each other. showing front and angled view of each/
SOWA Wireless speaker being carried by inbuilt handle

The Pro version comes with an XLR port which allows you to plug in a microphone directly. This makes it absolutely perfect for use for live events.

Finally, we have already mentioned it is easy to set up, but it is also worth noting the small size and in-built handles which makes it super easy to just pick up and go.

Despite its small size this wee speaker really delivers on sound and quality.  We were over the moon to hear that both SOWA speaker designs have been tested in the Bang and Olufsen labs in Struer, Denmark, a name that is synonymous with audio quality.

What can SOWA Wireless Speakers offer your installation? 

  • 100% Wireless Stereo.
  • Battery Powered: A super efficient amplifier and can play for over 25 hours on a single battery charge.
  • SOWA Link allowing you to connect as many speakers as you want wirelessly.

  • Small size. Great sound experience:  efficient speaker with impressive sound level which is tuned to perfection.

  • Design: great aesthetics made from sustainable wood.

  • Ergonomic set-up: the grip and small size make it easy to move the speaker around as required. Can also be fitted onto speaker stands.

  • Can be App controlled.

  • Sound to speech and music: easy to adapt the sound to microphones and music offering a great event experience.

  • Settings: Speakers can be set to play left, right or mono.

These speakers are a genuine delight to work with. Our clients have been impressed by the simple set up while being wowed by the sound quality and design.

We are delighted to welcome this brand to our Dizztribution family. 

If want to give SOWA speakers a try you can find the SOWA Pro Wireless Speaker in our Dizztribution online store or feel free to contact us with any questions.

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