Super Rod are already well known for their range of time-saving and innovative tools and accessories, providing solutions to many on-site challenges.

One such challenge, which is ubiquitous across many trades, is the need to be able to get a view behind walls or into enclosed spaces. In our trade this may be to allow inspection prior to installation (find out what is lurking behind that wall), to navigate a potentially tricky cable route or to fish out a cable which is AWOL.

We have used numerous inventive ways of navigating these challenges in the past including, but not limited to, sticking a phone in the gap and taking a photo through to using a rod set to blindly navigate the terrain by touch alone.

However those great folk at Super Rod clearly decided enough was enough and have developed the genius device that is the Super Cam. This handy wee tool bills itself as a wireless inspection camera but offers loads in terms of being a time-saving, frustration reducing and invaluable tool to add to our ever-growing box of tricks.

So what’s so nifty about the Super Cam?  

It’s pretty dinky and light weight but tough – the camera is approx 7.5cm x 3cm (about the size of a Milky Way – the single ones that are good but just never enough!) – perfect for boldly going where you can’t fit.  

It is IP67 rated and sturdy – so perfectly protected from the elements.  

It’s App ControlledControl and view of the camera is through a, simple to use, Super Cam App which can be downloaded for any smart device. 

The functionality of the camera itself is great given its size and includes: 

  • A light with ability to easily control the brightness – perfect for getting the right visibility in each situation. 
  • The camera image itself is really detailed allowing you to see even small objects with good clarity. wouldn’t want to meet any spiders with this (Super Rod take no responsibility for phones dropped due to freak spider-related encounters). In saying that this is also awesome for some creepy crawly hunting with the kids… 
  • Auto and Manual Focus – with very intuitive app controls (just like camera on your phone) – tap to focus and pinch to zoom.  
  • Photo – one click allows you to take a photo. The app can be set to allow freeze frame meaning taking a photo freezes the screen – if you need to stop on a specific view and take a proper look
  • Video – one click to start and stop recording. The camera also has a mic which means it also captures the audio feed. 

Like any good gadget, it comes with a load of accessories – again making useful in many different situations. Including: 

  • Telescopic stick – allowing you get a good reach with the camera. 
  • Angle adaptor – allowing you to swivel the camera to the perfect orientation.  
  • Hook attachment – perfect for capturing those errant cables when you spot them.
  • Super Magnet attachment – allowing you easily snag anything metallic and perfect for using in combination with the super rod chain.  
  • Flexi lead – which enables you to cram the camera through any tricky routes. 
  • Gooseneck attachment – again allowing you to get the right angle for some entry points. 
  • Two adaptors and a gender changer allowing you to easily mix and match all of the above.   
  • All of this comes in a perfect ‘hold everything in one place’ soft shell case which is small enough to store in your van for whenever you need it.  

Storage of photos and Videos is straight onto the photos area of your phone so easy to find everything in one place. 

  • The Super Cam Max option also offers the addition of an SD card where you can store images and videos directly. This is a useful addition if you are working from your own phone and don’t want camera footage taking up valuable memory space and being stored alongside family pics. 

Non-contact Voltage Detector – a useful safety feature that can provide a visual and / or auditory signal warning you of any power cables you might not have expected.  

What we love about it:  

  • The App is really intuitive with BIG buttons that are easy to control with one hand – a quick play around to check out all the buttons and settings and you are pretty much set to go.  

  • The camera functionality – for its size, it does everything we would want it to and lots more besides and the accessories mean its perfect for so many different situations. It has become one of our ‘take it with us just in case’ pieces of kit.  

  • ‘Always Up’ setting – this genius setting allowing for the camera view to always appear in the correct orientation – this means as you are cramming the camera in and trying to maneuver it into the trickest of spaces then you don’t need to worry about its orientation as you will get a correctly orientated view.  

  • Recording with Audio Feed – this camera is really neat for scoping / inspection and the audio features mean you can easily provide some audio explanation of what you are viewing as you go. We have found this useful for providing guidance to co-workers on what we have seen during a quote or for customers to explain any issues or what we are proposing. 

  • The ability to store directly to an SD card we found useful allowing images / video to be stored independently of the phone (not clogging up your phone memory) but also a nice addition if sharing images with other team members – just hand them the Super Cam unit and they have access to everything you have stored. 

  • It has the ability for two devices to connect to the feed – a useful feature for two of you to tune in to the feed at one time…. and also great for ‘where am I? Treasure hunt games for all the family’ – so nice that Super Rod considered this option! 

  • It saves us time and effortAll these features make it perfect for use in so many install situations but ultimately this gizmo is a time saver and nearly always worth a trip to the van for. 

The number of uses and situations it is good for makes it a real Camera Chameleon (showing my age with this reference!).   

If want to give them a try you can find the Super Cam Range in our Dizztribution online store or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Super Rod also do a whole range of neat problem solvers. You can check out our Super Rod Range here.

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