At Dizzyfish, we are always on the look out for any gadgets or gizmos that make our job that little bit easier or offer a solution for our clients to ensure that they get the best install we can give. So we wanted to share five of our most recent awesome ‘finds’ and tell you why we now cannot see beyond these products.

1. Flatscreen wall boxes (FSR)

As flatscreens get flatter, we have found an increasing challenge is hiding the extras such as extenders, baluns and even power sockets behind the flatscreen when wall mounted. The more extras required, the bigger the problem. NOT ANYMORE – thanks to these handy (and very sturdy) wall boxes by FSR.

These can all now easily be embedded into the wall, prior to adding the bracket, and bobs your uncle, everything is concealed and the TV  can be as flush to the wall as the flattest of flatscreens and bracket will allow.

  • FSR Plasma Backbox with cover
  • inside of FSR plasma back box
  • FSR Plasma Backbox with white cover
  • Cavity master tool next to circular hole in flooring showing access to cables
  • Cavity Master Tool
  • cable access solid plate on floor with eprson lisfting it to show ease of access

2. Cavity Master (Super Rod)

A large part of our role involves finding ways to get cables cleanly and easily from one location to another.

Often we encounter a problematic upright or beam, rendering our trusty rod set useless. This is where the Cavity Master tool excels allowing you to cleanly drill circular holes along the route giving you access to complete your tricky cable run with ease.

As for those pesky holes, just use the cable access plates to cover those. They can be easily covered over by flooring or plaster as required.

3. Spring Lock Cable Pass Through (Vanco)

This is a neat little cable pass though option, which we are delighted to add to our bag of tricks, providing an alternative to backboxes and brush plates.

Offering a low profile design, it is perfect for a professional finish, that is quick and easy to fit.

There is not much more to say really…  generally we just love ’em.

  • Spring Lock Cable Pass Through Wall Covering with three cables coming through it
  • Spring Lock Cable Pass Through Wall Covering with three cables coming through it
  • Spring Lock Cable Pass Through Wall Covering
  • Person taking cable tie form Kable Ties wallet
  • person with Kable Ties wallet on their belt

4. KableTies (KableMate)

For so long on installation jobs we have been faffing around with cable-ties in their little plastic packaging bag – usually with a hole poked through to allow for access. In fact how many vans and storage rooms the world over have a healthy scattering of cable-ties littering the floor, not to mention the number of times you have realised that you have no cable-ties with you while at the top of a ladder.

Well the solution is now here in the form of a howdy doody Kable-Ties wallet that is great for storage of cable-ties (plastic bag with hole be gone!) but also easily attaches on to your belt for ease of access. How did we manage without it!?!

5. Cable Guide Drill (Super Rod)

Did we already mention that running cables is a big part of what we do? Well this next gadget makes running cables through several wall layers, such as cavity or exterior walls, a breeze.

Simply drill through the wall, secure the cable to the handy little hole at the end of the drill and pull back through.

As the drill bit stays in place during the process then this eliminates the challenge of rods and cables getting stuck within the layers or the hole being clogged up with debris.


  • Drill guide through an exterior wall wit cable attached
  • Cable drill guide showing the hole at the end of the drill bit
  • Cable drill guide showing the hole at the end of the drill bit
  • Cable drill guide

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