At Dizzyfish, we believe that what makes a good installation great is the ability to source the correct tech to meet the needs of the client without compromise.

So it is greatly exciting for us, as integrators, when we discover a  piece of kit that solves a particular AV challenge or adds a new dimension to our work.

It was in trying to find a solution to just such an challenge that we discovered the amazing Zero-Ohm system.

The technology offered by Zero-Ohm has allowed us to offer a new and innovative audio solution for our commercial clients.

Commercial Audio Installations

As with most integrators, many of our commercial clients are looking for audio systems for use within larger scale premises.

An increasing number of these clients are requesting more than a traditional ‘background music’ style approach, and instead are hoping for a single system that can meet the specific needs of multiple different areas and usage across their site.

These needs may be in terms of control of the sound coming into the area but increasingly there is also a requirement for a certain quality of sound and sometimes even a look and feel from the speakers themselves, to ensure they are in keeping with the surroundings. And with so many quality speakers and stylish designs available to choose from, who can blame them?

In domestic settings, it is possible to add additional speakers to a system, within reason, and within the capability of the amp being used. However in larger sites, where many more speakers are required, there becomes an issue of operating within the safe nominal wattage of the amp.

Ultimately with commercial systems the scalability of the audio system is the challenge.

The challenge presented by 100 Volt Line Systems

Often the go to solution in these cases is to use a 100 volt line systems, basically allowing a number of speakers to be looped off the same cable and sound to be be sent over longer distances.

These systems require a suitable amplifier and speakers which have a transformer fitted. This can lead to a compromise for clients, as they find themselves limited by the speaker choices available on the market.

It is of course possible to incorporate designer speakers with these systems but to do so requires the addition of a transformer, present and hidden, at each speaker location – another compromise.

While these both offer an acceptable solution they require the audio feed to be converted through a transformer rather than taking a quality feed directly into the speaker. This means that there is an impact on the sound quality as the system is relying on the quality of the transformer rather than that of the speaker.

This essentially means that there is likely to be a compromise on sound quality.

Zero-Ohm: True Disruptors in Audio Technology

This is where the handy wee Zero-Ohm System comes in and adds some much needed functionality to the integrators box of tricks.

In a nutshell the Zero-Ohm system is a passive device that interconnects between any amplifier and multiple loudspeakers, essentially eliminating the need for any 70V or 100V transformer products.

From our point of view it gives us the freedom to design and install a large scale audio installation with less compromise, to meet the needs of our commercial clients.

The Zero-Ohm range

Zero-Ohm currently offer two series to meet the needs of different sized projects:

  • Renegade Series: This is the workhorse of the range and just perfect for most large-scale installations. It offers 2000 watts with either 2 or 4 channels.
  • Disruptor Series: This is the heavy hitter, offering a massive 4000 watts, and available with either two or four channels. These are perfect for the even bigger installations where a very large number of speakers are required e.g. stadiums.

Advantages of the Zero-Ohm system:

  • Ability to connect up to 20 – 50 speakers in parallel.

  • Different speaker types with different impedance can be used.

  • No transformers required.
  • Provides a uniform power distribution over long distance cable runs.
  • Provides a full range frequency response.

Designing a system from A to Zero-Ohm

With a Zero-Ohm system you choose the power of the amp, the amount of speakers and the type of speakers you want.

What you can achieve in return is a commercial audio installation with no compromise in terms of sound quality, clarity, and look and feel.

Welcome to the world of Zero-Ohm!

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