Beale Street, Memphis Tennessee, is widely recognised as the home of the Blues and the true birthplace of Rock n Roll. In reference to this, Beale Street Audio, by Vanco, is creating its own sound inspired by the energetic performances, synonymous with Beale Street.

So in looking for a quality architectural speaker for our projects we decided to take a peek at what Beale Street Audio offer.

Architectural speakers: Built into your life

By their definition, architectural speakers are designed to be installed into the architecture of a premises – mainly ceilings or walls.  They offer many advantages over conventional speakers, in that they can be built seamlessly into your surroundings, without the need for extra boxes and obvious cabling, making them something many of our clients request.  As most of these speakers do not have a cabinet around the speaker components, they are much more slimline, meaning they be fit in most available spaces making them versatile and a real mainstay for AV integrators.

Despite these advantages typical architectural speakers often introduce several challenges for integrators such as:

  • Reduced performance – lack of cabinets means lack of control over the speaker environment.

  • Lack of bass – lack of cabinet can inhibit the ability to produce bass.

  • Noise pollution – lack of control of sound direction meaning sound can leach above and around the speaker.

  • Speaker components lacking protection and being open to distortion and damage from debris.

  • Lack of control of the air space behind the speaker causes the speaker to sound differently depending on location.

Sonic vortex technology – ‘a true game changer’

It is in addressing these challenges that Beale Street Audio truly excels and earns it’s place as an architectural speaker range we are unable to see past.

Beale Street Speakers use a Sonic Vortex technology which is based on the ‘ported transmission line design’ used in larger floor standing speakers and ultimately designed to move more air, giving them the capability to produce more bass. In Beale Street speakers a long port is wrapped around an integrated and sealed enclosure. This forces air through the cabinet at a high velocity creating more bass in less space. Physics has never been my strong suit so I’ll let Beale Street Audio explain this much better than I ever could in this video.

It is the use of this technology that allows them to provide all the advantages of an architectural speaker without the usual challenges.

So, what about the advantages offered by this range:

  • More bass – which generally cannot be achieved by typical architectural speakers.

  • Built in protection for the speaker components.

  • No back box problems such as rattle and restricted airflow.

  • Control of the sound –  each speaker sounds exactly the same despite any differences in location.

  • In-ceiling Subwoofers can deliver deep bass that can be felt but which don’t take up much space.

The Beale Street Audio range includes three models to suit various requirements and budgets, ranging from the B Series, offering smooth sound and great value through the MB series, with a broader sound and deeper bass, to the BB Series offering more sound detail and power handling.

Is it actually ‘All About That Bass’ ?

After listening to these speakers I am inclined to think that it is about so much more than just the bass as the sound quality across the board is excellent at all levels. Sometimes listening to some of your favourite songs on a new piece of kit almost seems to transform the songs you know and love and give you a new experience and enjoyment and this was definitely the case with this speaker range.

As integrators we have also found that a big advantage of these speakers comes in their inbuilt sound control ability which, not only means they sound the same, no matter the location, but also means it is easily possible to demo their use with clients. The sound you achieve by placing these on a table top or floor in the location pretty much emulates the sound they will produce in situ.

On top of all this these speakers really look the part with a stylish design that fits easily into any space.

…. oh and did I mention the Lifetime Warranty?, because they have that too!

Put simply these speakers look great and sound even better, providing an amazing sound solution for users and integrators alike!

Dizztribution are the sole UK distributor for Beale Street Audio.

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