In creating Dizztribution, we were keen to offer a distribution solution which aligns to the ethos of our Dizzyfish brand. Our plan was simple, we intended to offer products that provide the functionality to meet the challenges we, as AV installers, regularly face during installs. These products would therefore be ones that we ourselves use within our own installations. That way we know we are advising from our own live installation experience.

One product our customers are usually keen to include in their AV installations is an audio streamer to allow for multiroom wireless music streaming. As you will no doubt be aware, there are loads of available options for multiroom streamers on the market, all to suit different requirements and budgets, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This is often where word of mouth and brand awareness wins out.

However often what we are faced with is customers looking for affordability without compromising on quality and functionality. A lot of our customers have dipped their toes in the audio streaming market and are already familiar with the capabilities of the lighter weight smart speakers available and are now looking for more functionality or sound that packs a bit more of a punch.

This is particularly true of commercial installations where functionality and power become much more important.

It is this combination of functionality and oomph factor, tied in with value for money that meets the requirement of commercial and private customer and installers themselves, that led us to finding and linking up with the iEAST Brand.

So what do we look for in an audio streamer:

  • Solid and continuous music streaming with NO interruptions

  • Ease of use

  • Streams from all the most common streaming services (Spotify, Tidal etc.)

  • Supports Bluetooth functionality
  • Has a free Control4 driver

  • Can be controlled via an IR remote and App

After piloting the iEAST products we were happy to find it ticked all these boxes, and more, and we were blown away by the function and quality.

We initially tied in the iEAST AMP80 with a pair of Beale Street Speakers (BV6’s), which provided an excellent sound quality and robust control. Our first day of testing soon became an evening of trying out the system with our favourite tunes. We quickly recognised that this combination would be perfect for any audio installation. This particular streamer is the table top version and so perfect when the streamer will be on show.

iEAST also cater specifically to the installer market with the trade-only AMP i50B V2. This Amp is designed for wall mounting and excels in terms of connectability with many more connection options.

Since starting to use this product, this has become our predominant audio streaming offer and we have used it in installs ranging from commercial bars, trade counters and shops through to domestic multiroom set ups.

What is fantastic for us is that, in our first 6 months of installing and supplying these streamers, we have had zero returns or service calls for any of the products – a real bonus for client and integrator alike!!

So, from an installer POV, what do we love about the iEAST range of products:

  • Versatility –  this range offers both amplifiers and streamers which can easily connect to existing systems to increase functionality.  

  • Sound Quality – which meets the expectations of our clients.

  • Build Quality – which well exceeds the market price-point. 

  • A company that care about the product and are open to feedback from integrators.

In a nutshell this is why we chose iEast to add to our Dizztribution product range.

So if you want to experience the magic of the iEAST for yourself then:

As an integrator or trade user then you can sign up for a Trade Account by visiting our Dizztribution online shop.

If you are not in the trade but still interesting in experiencing what iEAST has to offer then just get in touch and we can put you in touch with a local iEAST integrator.

For more product details, have a look at our iEAST range of products in our Dizztribution online shop.

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