Planning AV Installations

A great deal of the time we come across projects where other trades have done the AV work, or the client themselves, and sometimes this results in issues in terms of system suitability, usability and planning.

Unfortunately we rarely come across these jobs before the work is completed, which can cause headaches for everyone when trying to rectify after the fact.

Broadband… the fourth utility service

Always bear in mind that the AV side of your project is important and remember broadband is now seen as the fourth utility service coming into your home. So don’t forget about it, or even worse, ignore it!

Take control of your AV future

You need to ask yourself these questions to whoever wants to take control of your AV future, because remember when the work is done they are not the ones living with the result, you are!

Do your Homework

So ask them…..

  • Can I get HD in every room? If so how?
  • Will my wifi cover my house for signal, if so how?
  • Can I play my music in the rooms I want to play my music in, if so how?
  • Will my smart TV be able to stream a HD movie on Netflix without interruption, if so how?
  • How will cabling be managed at the mains cupboard for neatness and accessibility?

These are the important questions which every AV team asks themselves and checks during their initial visit right through to completion.

Technology has never been this accessible and usable, however due to its widespread use throughout the home, careful planning and consideration about how you intend to use it is required right from the start to avoid later complications.

Most AV companies will give you advice, or offer consultation and let your existing trades run cables to save on your costs.

We are here to help…. use us!


A bit about us…

If you are looking for professionals to help you with cabling, cable tidying, the latest Audio & Visual systems or even digital signage, we are the expert AV team to call!   Home cinemas, flat screen TV installations and everything else in between falls within our spectrum of Audio Visual services; builders, architects and interior designers often call on us to provide ‘Dizzyfish approved’ AV plans. We have worked with Sonos since 2006 and are chief AV contractor for the Cala West Thornton Hall development as well as a trusted installer for the INTU shopping centres.  Whether you need your home or business kitted out or even an office cabled and ready for your IT guys, call on us.

DizzyFish Audio Visual Solutions are available across the whole of Scotland; Troon, Ayr, Largs, Port Glasgow, Greenock, Irvine, Saltcoats, Ardrossan, Kilwinning, Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, St Andrews, Aberdeen, Inverness, Fort William.