Building and Using Sonos Playlists

I am a person who loves listening to music, the right music at the right time can get me motivated and moving, or allow me to relax and chill. Also I am not ashamed to admit that I LOOVE Sonos and having music playing throughout the house, and combined with Spotify…what can possibly go wrong. My guilty secret is that I am generally not very good at choosing what to listen to.

Access to millions of tracks but can’t think of one to listen to….

The problem is that I am not the sort of person who likes to listen to a full album and at the other end of the scale I don’t like listening to a set list of music someone else…. namely Spotify …. thinks I will like.

Finding the time to find the tunes…

Also a good playlist takes time and effort to make and sometimes I don’t have much of either so I often just want some good music now! So short of having a telepathic Sonos system… that knows intuitively what I want, when I want it – *note to Sonos this is great idea which you should definitely work on! – here is how I create and manage my Sonos playlists.

This starts by taking a wee bit of time and wee bit of effort… but trust me it is worth it in the long-run… if you are in the mood for some music then search for something that fits the moment from any streaming service you like. Want to relax and chill, then choose some chill music to suit and add it to the queue. Even if you only have a thought of an artist you might want to listen to, Spotify has a really nifty feature which allows you to view their top tracks, so you can easily choose a band and have a quick browse.

Save it for a rainy day

Ok so build up a wee queue of tracks and then…this is the most important bit … remember to SAVE IT, even give it a meaningful name reminding you what mood / activity it was for. It is easy to add to this playlist / edit to remove tracks you are not keen on but you have a good start. Most times when I am listening it makes me think of another thing I want to listen to and I can easily find it, add it, and save it.

In a relatively short amount of time you can build up numerous playlists for various activities, reading, hoovering, dishes, exercising, power ballad yoga (look it up it is a thing!). So long as they are saved they are now easy peasy to access and play anytime you want. Try it…. it has made my Sonos system into something I use all the time.

Your tunes anytime anywhere…

Finally if you like your music playlists available when you’re out and about then using the same process but setting up the playlist on Spotify is a very worthwhile alternative. This takes a bit more effort to start with as I manage this through the Spotify App rather than the Sonos app but is worth it in the long term as there is an option to download the playlist to your phone. This means it is available to you on the go and can be played on any other Sonos system you link your Spotify account to which is another HUGE advantage.

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