Ever wondered why your battery runs down faster than you think it should?

The following hints and tips should help you get longer battery life out of your iproducts without sacrificing functionality!

Push Mail
Basically Push Mail means your iphone is tapping your server on the shoulder every second and going “Any Mail?” “Any Mail?” etc. This drains your battery power. To avoid this do the following:

Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> and turn off Push Mail.
Scroll down to change Fetch to Every 15 Minutes and set each individual account to Fetch.

The Mail app will still check for new mail every time it’s opened and send your messages right away.

Location Services
Location services are great, however there are some which use battery power like crazy so its worth doing the following.

Go to Privacy -> Location Services -> and scroll all the way down to the last item – System Services. Tap on System Services to open that folder.
Turn off Setting Time Zone if you don’t do a lot of travel, turn off Location-based iAds if you find Apple’s tracking your location to deliver you personalised ad content unnecessary, and turn off Diagnostics and Usage if you don’t think Apple needs to know exactly how you use your phone.

New in iOS 7 (and this is important):
Tap Frequent Locations at the bottom of the list. Did you know that your phone has been tracking you everywhere you go – and it uses a lot of battery doing so, so suggest you turn it off.

Close Out Your Apps
Once every couple days, make sure you close out your apps.

Double tap the home button and swipe up on each app to flick it off the top of the screen. This doesn’t delete your apps, it just clears them from the application memory. Apps crashing when running in the background is a big battery drainer.

Turn Off Your Phone Once A Week (The Right Way)
Turn off your phone once a week. An iPhone is a little computer that we carry around with us everywhere we go.

Just by holding the top power button for a few seconds, sliding to power off, and turning it back on, many of the processes that you don’t see running on your phone stop running and start fresh again.

Turn Off Auto-Brightness
Right above the earpiece of your iPhone, there’s an ambient light sensor that Apple uses to adjust the brightness of your display to the amount of light all around you.

Head to Settings -> Wallpaper & Brightness and turn off Auto-Brightness. So why does turning off Auto-Brightness save battery life? Whenever you use your phone, you’ve got a little sensor asking, “How bright is it now? How about now?”, etc., and not surprisingly, that drains your battery.