Spotify gives you millions of songs at your fingertips. The artists you love, the latest hits, and new discoveries just for you. Hit play to stream anything you like.

Available free on computer, tablet and mobile, it allows you access to almost any song at any time. With the ability to create playlists of your favourite tracks as well as have access to already published playlists, allowing you access to the right music to suit your every mood.

Spotify is also one of the best places to discover music. Your Discover page will constantly suggest new music for you, based on what you’re listening to. Your next favourite songs are waiting, or you can sit back and enjoy Spotify radio. Start with a song or artist you love, and let Spotify bring you one great track after another. Make your stations even better by liking songs as you hear them.

Spotify offers two options:
Completely free – Millions of songs (Ads played between each song).
Premium (£9.99 per month) – Play any song, anywhere;  Download music & listen offline in high-quality audio (No audio ads & no commitment). There is also usually an offer to get the first month of Premium free.

Although the free version is amazing, one of the hidden gems of the Premium service is the ability to make your playlists available offline. So if you like listening to your music on-the-go then this is definitely the option for you.

Spotify can be used on its own through your computer, tablet or phone speakers but where its magic really lies is the ability to use it through your Sonos multi-room system or Libratone speakers.

Download it today to try it out and rediscover your music.