A few handy hints on getting the most from your Home Broadband!

We understand the need for in-home wifi and broadband access to be reliable, fast and accessible. So here are a few tips to help you gain the most out of an existing home network.

Make sure your wireless router is located in the highest location possible and free from clutter.

If adding access points and extenders it is vitally important that they do not conflict with your main router. For this reason you should ensure that the IP allocation function on your access points are switched off to avoid a conflict of this sort.

Sometimes a wired connection is not possible and wifi not the best solution so in these cases consider the use of Powerline adapters. However make sure they are the correct type as we find certain models ‘burn out’ over time – feel free to contact us to receive further information on models we have found to be reliable.

Make sure all network cabling and router installation is neat and tidy to avoid interference.

It is handy to download a free app on your phone or tablet (e.g. Uswitch) to check your upload and download speed.


Remember to change all wireless access passwords from the factory default to ensure network security.