Samsung 75″ Wall Mounted with Surround Sound

We recently had a call to check out a penthouse flat in Glasgow city centre which had the most amazing roof garden. The spec was simple…… surround sound, ability to stream music, and a 75″ screen.

Upon our initial site survey we accessed the structure and fabric of the building, and found that the wall was simply plasterboard attached onto a metal framework. Even though the wall backed onto the roof top conservatory, it was not an outside wall, which caused issues for fixing not only such a large screen to it, but a large screen we could pull out on a bracket to watch from the side.

IMG_8081  IMG_8090

Identifying this we split the work into two stages, stage 1 we sourced a joiner we use and trust to reinforce the wall and give us a strong fixing for the screen, we also ran all cables for discrete presentation. Then we allowed the decorator to finish anything invasive, especially the bracket reinforcement.

IMG_8209 IMG_8211

Once the decorator had been we terminated cable ends and mounted speakers and setup the amplifier. We also installed two external weatherproof speakers to the rooftop garden for ultimate sound enjoyment.

IMG_8329 IMG_8331

Once installed the system looked amazing in the room and the Yamaha AV amplifier allowed the client to select Blu-ray, Sky or PS3 at the press of a button. We also tested the screen movement by extending its full length at a 90 degree angle from the wall and the strengthened wall worked a dream. Little things which we always think about is the centre speaker has a custom frame attaching it to the screen, basically if we had taken the easy way out and attached it to the wall then the sound would be off centre when the screen is pulled out.

Altogether a very cool impressive system and the customer is more than happy with the setup.