Heriot’s Rugby Club Case Study

Projection and Audio Installation for Heriot’s Rugby Club

We initially discussed the requirements with the Rugby Club who were looking to upgrade their two analogue projectors to full high definition projectors in a very high light environment. The initial specification was followed by two on site meetings and representation of what the system will be able to do to the committee members.

The initial system check showed us an aged analogue system with scart based sky inputs and a sound system which relied on an ipod. The screens were 4:3 and the picture was a washed out grainy quality, not providing the best image for sporting events. The rooms also had many windows making them a high light environment, therefore if there was any sunshine then the projected image disappeared.

The images below show the initial system prior to upgrade.

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We updated the system with 5000 lumens projectors to allow playing in incredibly high sun light levels, we also added two 55″ flatscreens at the upstairs and downstairs bars which allow patrons to still watch the games even if at the bar. All screens have the ability to show a choice of any switchable HD input.

We also updated the microphone system to two separate wireless systems and enabled upstairs to play the audio feed from downstairs and vice versa. We also included a SONOS wireless music system.

Projection screen within rugby clubhouse  Projection screen within rugby clubhouse

Since installation the club has been very pleased with the results. During the the 6 nations and Rugby World Cup Games this year, the club reported that the clubhouse rooms were full with visitors enjoying the games. We have also been reliably informed that the SONOS music system is very well used!

Visitors watching the screen in the club house.  Visiotrs watching the sports on the screen in the club house.

We also set up the facility to work along with the system used by the coach for training and discussing team tactics providing an excellent resource for interactive training sessions. The use of different sources also allows defensive training to be taught on one projector whilst offensive training can be taught on another.

“Our club members have commented on the fact that the projectors Dizzyfish installed can still be viewed in full high definition during a bright sunny day, meaning we don’t have to close the clubhouse windows and enjoy the rugby in the sunshine.”
David O’Keefe – Heriot’s Rugby Club