Digital Signage

We provide a new dimension in digital signage through the Xibo cloud based system, we are one of the countries top experts in this system. Our solution allows display of rich content quicker, more easily, and more effectively than ever before. Allowing  you the freedom to add media, text, digital images, streaming video, or webpages to any of their LED, LCD or projection screens.

Digital Signage is useful for:

  • – Public Information
  • – Internal Information
  • – Menu Information
  • – Advertising
  • – Brand Building
  • – Influencing customer behaviour
  • – Enhancing Customer experience
  • – Enhancing the environment

We can provide commercially beneficial screens for all your signage needs or utilise any screens you may already have.


Our content management system software is centrally managed from a cloud based system meaning you can access your digital signage from wherever you are, not only where your signage is. The user interface for updating the digital media distribution system is incredibly easy to learn and use with simple updating processes.


This solution works particularly well for multi-branch businesses, allowing one individual to update numerous systems in various locations.


We can also setup multiple users with varying authority and we ourselves can remote access, should that be required, to solve any issues that may arise.


We have experience of carrying out digital signage work in a variety of commercial settings including:

  • – Solicitors / Estate Agents
  • – Takeaways / Restaurants
  • – Opticians
  • – Dentists
  • – Laboratories