Braehead Clan Ice Hockey Team Locker Room and Coach’s Office

Braehead Clan Ice Hockey Team Locker Room & Head Coach’s Office


We are currently going into our fifth year of sponsorship of the Braehead Clan Ice Hockey Club based in Glasgow, Scotland. When they recently wanted to update their flatscreen and add an audio system in the home team locker room we were delighted to oblige.


We initially sat down with the head coach Ryan Finnerty and Greig Carpentry, who was creating the new-look locker room, to isolate what was required and suggest appropriate technology.

Our meetings regarding requirements quickly created a ‘wish list’.

1. To have a 55″ Smart screen to replace the inadequate 40″ currently in use.

2. To replace the existing iPod dock with a awesome audio system.

3. To have some means for the coach to share videos created in his office with the players in the locker room, rather than current situation where players had to fit into the coach’s office.

4. To have adequate charging stations for smart devices.

5. To be able to easily remove everything into storage at end of season.

Smart TV and File Sharing

Our first and most important issue was the video aspect. This had to be able to show highlights of games as well as the ability to connect PS3 and Xbox consoles. We also had to devise a simple solution to allow cloud-based file-sharing between screens.

To achieve this, the screen in the locker room is connected to the internet giving all smart capabilities and through cloud based software we have it connected to the head coach’s laptop and screen in his office.

Braehead Clan Home Locker Room with Smart screen TV

New-look home locker room with smart-screen TV

Coach's Office

Coach’s Office with linked screen

We have provided video editing training to allow game footage to be easily and quickly edited and uploaded to the locker room TV. This can also be done from the laptop rather than being office based, meaning the Coach can edit and update videos from home, Costa coffee… or even back in Canada over the summer.

Audio System

A locker room just isn’t a locker room without some awesome audio.

The audio system we installed was Sonos, which allows any smart device to stream music wirelessly to the system. It also accesses 14,000 radio stations meaning players can listen to radio stations from home, or dedicated to a certain type of music. We are registering a Spotify account for next season to provide the full music selection service. With Sonos you really can have any music you want.

The speakers had to fit in with the surroundings and be discrete, we opted for some powerful Monitor Audio inceiling speakers cut into the ceiling. The rimless covers make for a very discrete installation, combined with the awesome Monitor Audio Sound.

 IMG_1580 - Copy

As an added bonus we included a 10 port USB fast charger to allow users to charge their smart-devices quickly and conveniently.


As an update we are going to combine with Greg Carpentry to create an AV wall with media plates and whiteboards worked round the location of the screen. It will also be angled towards the locker room making it easier for viewing.


“Dizzyfish are very professional in every aspect of the job and a pleasure to work with”
Ryan Finnerty, Head Coach – Braehead Clan Ice Hockey Club

#24 Leigh Salters scoring the 1000th Braehead goal

#24 Leigh Salters scoring the 1000th Braehead Goal – Photo Courtesy of Monapics