Vaessen Audio

We are delighted to be the only authorized Scottish supplier of VAESSEN AUDIODESIGN which is a Belgium based company specialising in handcrafted, state of the Art, speakers. These products add a element of elegance and style to any home.


Koen Vaessen, designer, aims to share his passion and knowledge for music, sound & sound reproduction with his customers and makes no compromises when it comes to designing his speakers.


State of the Art fibre glass technology and carbon/wood mixtures are used for the cabinets, to keep the sound of resonance out of the speakers. Titanium, ceramic and other lightweight materials are then used for the drivers to make sure all the energy goes into the music.


​VAESSEN AUDIODESIGN speakers will set music free in a way you have never experienced before. Each pair of speakers is build to order, You can choose any colour to make sure your new speakers blend in or stand out in your home.


Contact us for more details on the various Vaessen speaker options.