We can provide individual, unobtrusive and robust speaker solutions in and around the home. The full range of products ranges from wall-mounted to fully concealed speaker options. We even offer speaker options for outdoor enthusiasts!

In Wall Speakers
Our high quality, unobtrusive In Wall loudspeakers take up very little space and use the volume of the wall to create a rich deep sound. They are perfectly suited for use with multi room audio or surround sound systems.

In wall speakers are available in a variety of sizes and some versions can even be built into the framework and plastered over to be ‘invisible’.

In Wall Speaker

In Ceiling Speakers
Discreet In Ceiling speakers are exceptionally compact and resemble recessed ceiling lights. They are easy to install in most settings and their wide sound throwing characteristics make them particularly well suited to providing ambient sound.

Image of an In Ceiling Speaker

On Wall / Bookshelf Speakers
In both sound and appearance On Wall speakers give you the greatest opportunity to express yourself with a range of designer speakers to suit any taste.

Loewe Speaker on wall Elipson Speaker on shelf

We use a number of suppliers and can discuss a variety of options to best suit your home.

Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor speakers are ideal for chilling in the garden or having a BBQ on the patio.
The choice of outdoor speakers available range from discrete imitation rock speakers to water resistant portable units.

Image of an Outdoor Speaker

These speakers are moisture and shock-resistant, providing outstanding sound even in the most challenging conditions.