SONOS: A Music System to Suit You

SONOS wireless hifi and speaker systems are custom designed to suit every space in your home.

From the compact Play:1 to the larger Play:5, the SONOS range fills any room with crystal clear hifi sound. Listen to all the music you love from a range of sources including iTunes, podcasts, radio-stations, Spotify, Deezer, even music stored on your phone or computer, all controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Image of Sonos HubMulti-source streaming allows you to listen to different songs in each room, group rooms together or even hear the same music everywhere, so perfect for everyday family living or for when you have a house full of guests.

The highly popular SONOS Playbar allows you to create the impression of surround sound from the one speaker positioned under your TV screen.

Image of a Sonos Soundbar under a wall mounted TV

SONOS systems can be bought and installed as an entire system in their own right or used in association with existing products such as speakers and amplifiers.

Dizzyfish are experts at SONOS planning and installation providing a survey and plan to suit your home and music requirements. This can easily include the use of existing audio equipment such as speaker systems or amplifiers.

SONOS remains one of our most requested music systems.

“I would like to thank Dave and his team for bringing music to my ears and installing a SONOS sound system and improving my wifi coverage.” “The system is very simple and I was soon blasting my neighbours with Disco sounds” – Gary Wroe

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