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The Designer Choice

Libratone is a funky option replacing the classic iPod / iPad single room dock. Wireless and stylish this will change your listening experience.

The Libratone range has the option of wall-mount or table stand and each speaker is dressed in Libratone’s characteristic Italian wool covers. These covers are available in a variety of vivid colours to suit all tastes and interior designs.

Image of Libratone Zipp in a range of coloursUsing Apple’s fantastic Airplay system you can easily play any music stored on your device, or any app you have downloaded including Youtube, Internet Radio and Spotify. Libratone is unique in that it can be use with or without broadband or wifi network.

With built-in ‘FullRoom’ technology, Libratone disperses sound waves in every direction in the room and bounces sound off the walls, filling the room from corner to corner. Just one sound source has enough power to provide an audio performance with plenty of punch.

Image of Libratone Loop